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We just had a successful buck collection!!!

we now have semen on:

Tide Land Chalupa's Innovation 5/200$

Kastdemur's Ethos                      5/150

Heart Mt Numero Uno                 5/100$

About Us

Tide Land Dairy Goats is a Grade A goat dairy located in the damp Pacific Northwest in Tillamook, Oregon owned and operated by Brent Rocha. Tide Land Dairy is a subsidiary of R & R Dairy, a third generation cow dairy owned by  my Family. 

This venture and love for goats started as a 4-H Project with father Joe in the heart of the Central Valley in the small town of Lemoore, California. This small 4-H project turned into a large project where Joe was milking more than a few goats by hand before and after school. In 1993 when the family made the decision to move to Tillamook, Oregon, the small herd was dispersed. His love for goats and the desire to have a goat dairy never went away and soon that love for goats was passed down to his kids.

Their story begins in 2003 when they brought home one of their first Toggenburg does. This too started as a small 4-H Project and grew quickly to a large 4-H Project and in 2012 became a Grade A goat dairy. Currently Tide Land is milking 70 does twice a day with a 10 pound herd average which allows them to meet their current 400 gallon per week milk agreement. Any future demands for milk supply can easily be met at their current facilities with no capital outlay. Tide Land has the capability of producing up to 400 gallons of milk per day without expansion.

Tide Land goats are grazed year round on the luscious green grass of Tillamook , Oregon, famous for producing prize winning cheese, notably the award winning “World’s Best Medium Cheddar” of the Tillamook Cheese Factory. Not only the luscious green grasses of Tillamook County attribute to making prize winning cheese it takes breeding. At Tide Land dairy goats I strive to breed animals in order to succeed in the show ring and in the milk bucket. I currently raise and breed Lamancha, Alpine, Nubian, and Toggenburg dairy goats as well as some grades in the mix. Tide Land is a 100% ADGA registered herd that participates in DHIR and Linear Appraisal. As a herd I focus on using and combining genetics from multiple successful herds on the West Coast and creating their own type and style. I strive to breed healthy animals therefore the herd follows a strict CAE & CL prevention program and are given yearly CD/T vaccinations.

I could not do this without the help of my mother, Sarah. Sarah stays busy not only with her responsibilities of raising the kids, she is the manager of the calf operation at R & R Dairy, and stays involved with all four of their boy’s activities. I hope to have continued success in developing Permanent Champions, Linear Appraisal, and DHIA in the tough PNW show circut.

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Brent Rocha


Address: 570 Third Street Tillamook OR 97141